People are often confused about whether you can have great web design and successful SEO. Does design matter in SEO? A while back, word was that in order to have a site with highly effective SEO (search engine optimization), it had to be loaded with content, stuffed with keywords and have a gazillion back links (not the best platform for quality design).

It actually worked for a lot of years and millions of ugly sites were the result. Thankfully, times have changed (namely Google) and the way in which we use SEO has too. Research has confirmed, that yes indeed, you can have a beautifully designed site AND still drive traffic to your site. Great design and SEO can indeed co-exist. Read on to discover why design matters in SEO.

SEO and Great Web Design Have the Same Goals

SEO gets you in front of a targeted audience – the goal of which is to acquire more traffic and more qualified leads. Good design presents key information effectively and creates a positive user experience – the goal of which is to get customers to take action. In other words, the ultimate goal of both SEO and design is to get more traffic, more qualified leads and ultimately, more conversions.

Design and SEO are Different Steps in the Same Process

The sales process online goes something like this:

  • Someone searches for you or your product.
  • You get found at the top of the search engines with great SEO.
  • The potential customer clicks through and engages your website.
  • The customer converts – buying a product, filling a contact form, or picking up the phone.

Online, Second Impressions Often Matter More Than the First

For many customers, the first impression happens in the search engine results, while the second impression happens when they get to your website.

It might look like you’re a market leader by your position in Google, but if your website looks clearly dated or unprofessional, then people are going to have second thoughts, quickly leave and probably go to your competitors site. Not what you want! On the other hand, if your design is professional, modern, and appropriate to your audience then your authority is going to be reinforced. Design is a HUGE part of the user experience.

SEO Gets Them into the Funnel, Design Ushers Them to the End

Effective design draws people in and makes them want to interact with your site. It carries them along in your sales process. Good design makes it easy for people to find the key information they need to make a decision. It guides them along visually, and provides a clear path for where to go next.

You Can’t Have One Without The Other

If you have a beautiful and engaging website, but no one sees it, you’re pretty much dead in the water as far as generating leads goes. You have to reach your audience to have a shot at closing the sale – that’s why you need SEO.

On the flip side, if your website looks unprofessional or is difficult to use, you’re going to lose a lot of trust and credibility. Potential customers might think your business is neglected, or question whether you’ll actually deliver. Or, worse yet, they may have difficulty figuring out how to contact you if they’re interested. You’d be surprised how hard some companies make this step. Seriously, we see it everyday! If you’re serious about getting traffic to your site, skimping on design won’t help. Hiring a web designer can help your SEO and is totally worth the investment.

If you’re starting out from scratch, or better yet, if you’re considering a redesign of an existing site, remember:

Great Web Design is Important to SEO!

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