How to Establish Credibility on Your Website

Nobody hesitates these days about buying online from Amazon, iTunes, or Zappos. Customers know they can trust these big brands with their credit card information and they expect—and get—solid customer service from them. Unfortunately, most small companies don’t have the luxury of a big brand name standing behind them. They have to build trust and establish credibility from the ground up. Huge advertising budgets and PR campaigns are nice but aren’t a substitute for credibility …

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10 Must Haves to Build Trust on Your Website

Think of your website as a kind of online handshake. It’s a way people instantly assess you and your business. People will get their first and most lasting impression of you and your business from what they find there. Your website is where they access your credibility and start to establish trust. How can you boost your web site’s credibility? There are key elements on a homepage’s website design that make a difference. You can …

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